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We offer a safe at home bleaching system. The delivery system is a custom tray used with Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening gel. This service is offered at no cost to our patients who come in for regular check-ups and complete any diagnosed work. Patients also receive a free tube of the whitening bleach at every 6 month check-up.

CEREC Crowns

Are you tired of having to spend more time in the dental office than necessary? Why not minimize that by having your crown completed in a single visit? At our office we can fabricate porcelain (white) crowns and other restorations (inlays/onlays) in as little as 60-90 minutes. No impressions or temporary crowns, thus reducing your stress, pain, and overall time in the office. Find out more about Cerec crowns.


Are you embarrassed by missing teeth? Dental implants are the latest technique in tooth replacement. The dental implant acts as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth and holds a replacement tooth or bridge. Implants can also be placed under an existing denture to eliminate many of the problems associated with wearing dentures. The improved ability to chew is one of the biggest benefits. Equally as important, implants help to preserve the jawbone that is so critical for facial aesthetics and denture retention.


Bridget Olsen RDH, is our dental hygienist on staff. Digital x-rays are used to ensure the lowest radiation, reducing exposure by 95% (in comparison to film) while providing the most up to date quality. Cavities and dental infections can be diagnosed using these x-rays. A visual exam is also done to diagnose soft tissue problems relating to the gums, cheek, lips and tongue. Cleanings ranging from basic to periodontal are performed based on need.

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